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Hello ! Here some background about me !

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Welcome! I'm Elena Grish, a multidisciplinary artist based in Córdoba,Spain specializing in vibrant and colorful acrylic paintings on canvas. With a background in architecture, dance, and education, and holding a master's in multidisciplinary arts and philosophy, I bring a unique perspective to my work. I approach painting as a holistic art form, drawing inspiration from essential principles of our reality, both material and spiritual.


My journey into art began with painting geometrical forms with ink on paper, progressing to watercolors, and now evolving into colorful acrylics on canvas. My mission is to assist you in creating homes filled with beauty, design, and inspiration. I firmly believe that art, expressed through colors and shapes, possesses the extraordinary ability to impact and transform emotions into elevated and brighter experiences. I hope my paintings inspire and infuse your life and social spaces with positive energy and inspiration.


My Process


For commissions and further information please contact here:

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