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Seeking a peaceful heaven at home?

Would you like to immerse yourself in beauty, innovative design, and boundless inspiration?






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 Elena Grish. Art

Do you desire to infuse your living space with the brilliance of abstract art that celebrates color, design, and high aspirations?

As someone with a dynamic lifestyle and a keen eye for aesthetics, you understand the importance of creating a home that reflects your unique personality and aspirations. You understand that art is the language of the heart. Dive into the world of vibrant, expressive art that speaks to your soul and inspires your imagination. Would you like your home becoming a canvas for self-expression, where every stroke of color and every curve of design tells a story of beauty, passion, and endless possibility?

Do you recognize the power of art to alter and create moods, influencing our emotions and feelings?

Are you intrigued by the idea of using art to create atmospheres that uplift and inspire, encouraging personal growth and fulfillment? If you desire to infuse your living spaces with vibrancy and creativity, fostering an environment conducive to achieving your highest aspirations, then let's embark on this journey together.

About me

My name is Elena Grish

I am an abstract painter living between Córdoba (Spain) and London (UK), specialized in vibrant and colorful acrylic paintings on canvas. I am also a mother of two small kids and a lover of life, design, art and knowledge. With a background in architecture, dance, and education, and holding a master's in multidisciplinary arts and philosophy, I bring a unique perspective to my work. I approach painting as a holistic art form, painting inspiration from colors and shapes.


My journey into art began with painting geometrical forms with ink on paper, progressing to watercolors, and now evolving into abstract colorful acrylics on canvas. My mission is to assist you in creating homes filled with beauty, design, and inspiration. I firmly believe that art, expressed through colors and shapes, possesses the extraordinary ability to impact and transform emotions into elevated and brighter experiences. I hope my paintings inspire and infuse your life and social spaces with positive energy and inspiration.


My Latest Collection

 Spring Vitamins Collection

Are you aiming to capture the revitalizing energy and vibrant essence of the spring season? With lively brushstrokes and a bold, energetic color palette, these works celebrate the burst of life and beauty that spring bestows upon us. Each piece is designed to convey a sense of renewal and vitality, serving as an artistic reflection of the season that refreshes the spirit.


Just like spring, this collection aims to inspire and revive, reminding us of the importance of appreciating the beauty in our surroundings and finding joy in nature's small wonders. I hope these paintings infuse viewers with the same freshness and vitality we experience during this wonderful time of year.

Do you feel you need this revitalizing energy beautifying your home and inspiring your soul ?